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som en hemlighet for symphony orchestra. Norrköpings Symphony Orchestra & Michael Bartosch. 2017

Pareidolia for Viola d'Amore. Performed by Marco Fusi.

Gnistor excerpt in a piano arrangement.

Performed by the composer 

Gigue for symphony orchestra. 

Performed by Norrköpings Symphony Orchestra

Michael Bartosch, conductor

The Hoodoo Machine for trio. Performed by Ruidho Vermelho

Vindöga for five basssons, marimba, piano and double bass. Finalist in ALEA III composition competition in 2016. 

Sånger for bass flute and Viola

Performed by Ensemble Fontanamix

SCENEN.HANDLINGEN for ensemble. Lyrics by I. Christensen. Translation by M. Silkeberg. 

Performed by Ars Nova Ensemble conducted by the composer.

A Hertzbreakerz production.

Aporia for string quartet

Performed by the Kreutzer Quartet

Murex for symphony orchestra. 

Performed by Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra

Christopher Nobin, conductor

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