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Charcoal Oblique

Symphony Orchestra


durata ca 14'



durata ca 16'

Premiered at Malmö Live on the 6th of September 2018 

Conducted by Juraj Valcuha

Malmo Symphony Orchestra

Listen to an Excerpt here

som en hemlighet


durata ca 9'

Published by BabelScores

Tabula Scalata



Natura non facit saltus - (choir & orchestra)

Reminiscenser - (string orchestra)

Andra - a chamber symphony


La Clessidra

Draug - (wind orchestra)



Phono Junction - (15 musicians)

SCENEN.HANDLINGEN - (fl, 2 voices, guit, db, pf).

Lyrics by Inger Christensen. Trans. by Marie Silkeberg

Vindöga - (4 bassoons, 1 double bassoon, marimba, double bass & piano)

The Hoodoo Machine -  (percussion, cello and electronics)

Movements 1-7 - (accordion, sax and double bass)

Grosso - (fl, ob, cl, bn, hr, perc, pf, str)

Infusione (fl, ob, cl, bn, hr, tuba, pf, str)

Mèlisande - (flute, alto flute, guitar, cello)

Double Quartet- (git, perc, vl, vla, vlc, pf, sax, trb)

Ich fühle - (2 fl, 2 cl, tr, pf, cel, vln 1, vln 2, vla, vlc, baritono)


chamber music

Sånger - (bass flute and viola)

Sånger 2 - (cello and piano)

Sånger 3 - (trumpet and piano)

passing lodestones - (accordion and clarinet)

Fluttuante - (flute and piano)

Aporia - (string quartet)

Echoica - (string quintet)

Favola -  (wind quintet)
Friktion - (fl, cl, vln, vc, pf)

Frön - (cl, vln, vc, pf)

Taverna - (brass quintet)

Portali - (brass quintet)

En gång, dansa med mig - (voice & piano). Lyrics by Karin Lundin

Från snösmältningen - 66 - (voice & piano). Lyrics by Tomas Tranströmer

Bland Näckrosor - (voice & piano). Lyrics by Gunnar Ekelöf


Pareidolia - (viola d'amore)

Aria - (bassoon)

Notturno 2.0 - (harmonica & electronics)

Medusa - (piano)

Etude #1 - (violin)

Mother & child - (for female voice)

Svolgendosi - (piano)

Dancing insects - (piano)

Musica di strada - (piano)

Notturno - (harmonica & electronics)


Hymn - SATB. Lyrics by the composer

L'oiseau Bleu - (SATB). Lyrics by Elizabeth Coleridge

ur Heimkymnin vid Sjó - SATB with piano. Lyrics by Hannes Péturson

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